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Suck it Social Media

Over the weekend we had a family debate on Instagram. My friend Kate had the idea for the kids to argue our perspective and for the grown ups to argue the kids' perspective. Lucia's and her friend Oona argued against Instagram and Oona's parents Kate and Rupert and I argued for Instagram. Nancy, my partner…
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Love Wins

Dear Students, Today I write to you with a simple message. No promotions, no big news, no special classes, just a message:¬†Love wins.¬†With every presidential election, there is change and upheaval. As a country, and as individuals, we'll all be riding this wave for the next few years. There might be moments that feel rocky,…
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Smart Phone. Crazy Brain.

Last week my daughter Lucia wrote a persuasive essay for her fifth grade writer's workshop about why 8-11 year olds should have smart phones. Her essay was very persuasive. Among her arguments-- "Parents think their kids are just surfing the internet, but really they are doing important research for their homework assignments." Another one-- "When…
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