You’re Really Aggravatin’ Me

You know what? You're really aggravatin' me. Last week we hosted our three nieces (Lauren: 18, Nicole: 16 and Kaye:10 years old) plus one nephew, Will, age 7 from New Orleans. Our household isn't quiet-- Nancy and Lucia are big hip-hop fans and, unlike me, they love loud music-- but our household is generally calm.…
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When I teach Yoga my experiece is always unique. Depending on the size, composition, intensity of the class, different things happen every time. A few weeks ago when I was teaching, I had this image, right at the end of class, of confetti floating around the room. As a student of Yoga, I am familiar…
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Embrace the Glory

Have you ever done something you thought you could never do? Was it so out of your personal realm of possibility that you surprised yourself when it happened? Since watching the Women's World Cup Soccer game last Sunday, I have been thinking about Carli Lloyd. Did she surprise herself with that hat trick? I read…
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