SweatBox Yoga Rates


To purchase online, please click here. Also available for purchase in studio.

First Time Student Special: $35- 14 consecutive days of yoga, one special per student.


Auto-Monthly Membership grants you access to unlimited yoga at The SweatBox. Even if you practice a little as twice a week, this is your best package we offer, taking your class rate down to just $13/class. As a SweatBox Auto-Monthly member, you can take advantage of special deals, and elite coupons throughout the year. $110/month. This package is also available with mat/towel rental for $145/month.

Member Benefits:

  • No hassle for you; contract renews every three months unless you give written notice to cancel.
  • $5 off SweatBox signature hoodie.
  • Two free guest passes on initial sign up.
  • 15% off in house workshops.

*The auto-monthly package can be paused once/quarter for no charge. Additional pauses will be $25/event. To ask for a pause on your package, please contact us.


  • 1-Week Unlimited: $55 (Great for visitors and travellers!)
  • 1-Month Unlimited: $145 (with mat and towel rental $180)
  • 3-Month Unlimited: $380 (with mat and towel rental $480)
  • 6-Month Unlimited: $650 (with mat and towel $860)
  • 1-Year Unlimited: $1200 (with mat and towel rental $1620)


  • Single Drop-In Class: $22
  • 5-Class Punch Card: $95 (1 year expiration)
  • 10-Class Punch Card: $175 (1 year expiration)
  • 15-Class Punch Card: $240 (1 year expiration)

**Punch Card Extensions are available for $10/month. To request an extension, please contact us.

Private Consultations: $75
Treat yourself to a 45-minute private consultation! In this session with, you will have carte blanche to ask questions and make clarifications about your yoga postures and your practice in general. This is a session specifically geared towards helping you deepen your own practice. If you have specific postures that you want to talk about in depth or if you have physical limitations that may require postures to be adjusted for your needs, schedule a consultation. To schedule a consultation, please email The SweatBox at contact@sweatboxyoga.com

Private Class: $125
We offer one-on-one teaching to students who want a more personalized yoga experience. To schedule a private class, please The SweatBox at contact@sweatboxyoga.com.

Private Group Classes: $225***
We regularly offer private classes to corporate groups, wedding parties, birthday parties and travel groups. If you have a group you'd like to schedule a private class for, don't hesitate to call us. We can tailor the teaching style and level to meet your needs. To schedule a private class for your office or other small group, please The SweatBox at contact@sweatboxyoga.com.

*** For 1 hour class up to 15 students. For larger/longer classes, additional fees may apply. Rental fees for mats and towels will be calculated separately.

10% Discount off 10-punch carder or greater
Teachers | Bicycle Commuters | Students | Seniors (62+) | Police | Firefighters
(Commuters must ride to most or all classes; valid ID required for all other discounts)
Gift certificates available | Visa & Mastercard accepted
(All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable)


Individual Coaching for Teachers $85/Hour  Being a yoga teacher goes beyond completing one (or two or three!) teacher trainings. Being a yoga teacher is about being able to authentically connect with your students, give them a place to feel seen and heard. Walking into a yoga class can be scary and intimidating. Creating a safe place to feel simultaneously courageous and vulnerable; to create this space can take years of practice, honing our skills, taking risks, and questioning our behaviors and expectations.

By becoming more aware of how we interface with our students, we can create safer, more nurturing spaces where our students can comfortably take risks and spread their yoga wings. Individual coaching at The SweatBox offers an opportunity to do your own personal exploration as a teacher and as a student. It’s a place where you can explore your own insecurities, blocks, and fears as a teacher. It’s a place where you can dive deep into who you are, uncovering the true teacher in you.

The SweatBox coaching program is designed for current yoga teachers who want to do personal exploration about how to they can become more authentic, more connected, more alive as teachers.

Currently, individual coaching sessions are only available with SweatBox owner Laura Culberg. Laura has a Masters in Social Work and over two decades working as a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and community activist.

Currently, individual coaching sessions are only available with SweatBox owner Frani Assaf. Frani has been teaching movement to all ages for 25 years and yoga specifically for nearly 17 years.
Frani focuses on proper alignment and leads with compassion in her classes. She believes the best teacher is one who empowers their students to listen to the teacher within. Laura is trainer in Traditional Hot (Bikram) Yoga, Ghosh Yoga and Yin Yoga.

If you’d like to schedule a coaching session with Frani, please email her to schedule a session.