Frankie Grausam : Co-Owner

Frankie Grausam


Frankie started practicing Bikram yoga in 1999. She was brought to this practice on a dare from a friend who knew she would love it but she didn't feel it would be challenging enough for her. To her amazement and slight emabarrassment, she admitted to her friend that she was now in love with Bikram yoga. In the fall of 2000, Frankie went to Bikram yoga teacher training in LA where her passion for this style of yoga grew more intense. After teaching for a year in Seattle she and Laura Culberg opened their first Bikram studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and 7 years later opened their second studio in Shoreline Washington. Frankie has always wanted to help people improve their lives physically and mentally. Teaching Bikram yoga is the perfect medium for employing this passion. Watching true transformation in her students is the greatest gift she can experience.

Laura Culberg : Co-Owner

Laura Culberg


Laura has been practicing Bikram Method Yoga since 1994. She completed Bikram's Teacher Training in Los Angeles in 2001. In her spare time, Laura is an aspiring gardener and an avid baker and craftaholic. Laura also enjoys watching her chickens and her child run around her backyard. In her past professional life, Laura was a social worker specializing in work with adolescent girls. As the mother of a young daughter, Laura is a strong advocate of yoga for children, especially girls. Laura's favorite part of teaching Bikram Yoga is the daily gift of watching her students evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually. She also enjoys writing about yoga in her blog:

Maureen (Mo) : Teacher

Maureen (Mo)


Maureen (Mo) is a self-proclaimed yoga geek. She first discovered Bikram yoga in 2005, and knew right away she found something special. She felt its healing power right away, and simultaneously it was the most grueling physical activity she had ever done! She knew someday she would teach this method, and in 2009 she graduated from Bikram Yoga College of India. Maureen loves seeing how yoga always reveals more to her about life, and about herself. She is passionate about teaching, and is continuously amazed by all that can be healed through a regular practice. Outside of teaching Bikram yoga, Mo is becoming certified to teach yin yoga, enjoys attending Vipassana meditation retreats, and hiking to places way out in the mountains were she hopes to one day have a friendly encounter with a bear or a Bigfoot! She has competed twice for Washington State Yoga Asana Championships, and has taught yoga in Melbourne, Australia. She lives with her husband and cat.

Alexandra Smith : Instructor

Alexandra Smith


Alexandra Smith took her first Bikram class in 2009 and hated it! It wasn't until two years later when she began to practice daily that she fell in love with the yoga and knew she needed to make it a permanent part of her life and share with others. She went to training in LA in the fall of 2012 and enjoys the experience of witnessing people heal themselves and find joy in their bodies. Alexandra is currently attending Bastyr University and also enjoys reading, dancing, going to concerts, and wandering in the woods.

Kim Reich Woodward : Teacher

Kim Reich Woodward


Kim qualified as a Bikram teacher in the Fall of 2010 in San Diego. A true yogi, when she’s not teaching she’s busy trying to convince everyone she knows to go to class with her!

Her favorite post-yoga meal is a Top Pot Donut and a cup of coffee. In addition to yoga, Kim loves animals, the ocean, and spending time with her dog Pepper.

Gary Smith : Instructor

Gary Smith


Gary has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2005. After seeing his wife Lisa come home from a Bikram class completely drenched in sweat and exhausted, he thought, "ok .... i can do this." During his first class (with Frankie), he tried to crawled out the door halfway through. She dragged him back in and he never left. Now he has the honor and privilege of teaching this healing yoga to others. Gary graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India Winter of 2009. When not teaching Bikram Yoga, Gary enjoys being scratched by his cat and playing punk rock music.

Frani Assaf : Instructor

Frani Assaf


Frani studied dance for over 12 years and had no idea all the stretching she had done was actually yoga, until she came to the practice in 1997. Frani tried various disciplines of yoga before taking her first Bikram yoga class in 2000. In three months of practicing Bikram yoga, Frani saw more positive change in her life (emotionally, as well as phyically) than in all her years of yoga and dance combined. The impact was so profound, she knew right away that this was something she wanted to share with as many people as she could. Frani attended Bikram's Teacher Training in Spring 2003 and has been teaching ever since. Frani truly believes that becoming a yoga teacher is the most honorable thing she has ever done. By practicing yoga, you not only make yourself better, you make the world a better place to live. Frani's other passions include bicycling, live music, traveling with her husband and young daughter and enjoying the lush wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest.

Nikki Kim : Instructor

Nikki Kim


Nikki has practiced Bikram Yoga since 2008, and completed her training in spring 2009 at Palm Springs. She first started her practice with zero flexibility, zero patience, zero everything. As she kept her practice countinously, it was amazing to see how Bikram Yoga could change her body, mind, even her personality. Bikram Yoga has added great benefit to her life, both mentally and physically, and brought her vitality, passion, patience, concentration and discipline. Nikki always appreciates students' time to come practice at the SweatBox, and gives them good energy and her best care. Other than practicing Bikram Yoga, Nikki also likes to hike, walk in the park, and work out at the gym.

Katy Otis : Instructor

Katy Otis