Teacher Training & Other Services

One-on-One Teacher Coaching with Frani

Being a yoga teacher goes beyond completing one (or two or three!) teacher trainings. Being a yoga teacher is about being able to authentically connect with your students, give them a place to feel seen and heard. Walking into a yoga class can be scary and intimidating. Learning how to create a safe place where our students can feel simultaneously courageous and vulnerable can take years of practice, honing our skills, taking risks, and questioning our behaviors and expectations.

By becoming more aware of how we interface with our students, we can create safer, more nurturing spaces where our students can comfortably take risks and spread their yoga wings. Individual coaching at The SweatBox offers an opportunity to do your own personal exploration as a teacher and as a student. It’s a place where you can explore your own insecurities, blocks, and fears as a teacher. It’s a place where you can dive deep into who you are, uncovering the true teacher in you.

The SweatBox coaching program is designed for current yoga teachers who want to do personal exploration about how to they can become more authentic, more connected, more alive as teachers.

If you’d like to schedule a coaching session with Frani, please email her to schedule a session.

Cost: $85/hour