Justin started practicing the traditional hot yoga series in 2010 when a friend recommended the practice to him as part of his marathon training.  Justin had been receiving medical care for months on his foot due to a stress fracture caused by the high impact of running.  Within 2 weeks of practicing the traditional hot yoga series, his foot pain was gone and he finished cut his personal record on his marathon by 45 minutes!  “This practice trained me to concentrate and breathe and has prepared me for any challenge in my daily life.  It continues to be my go to for healing my mind and body.”  Justin began practicing at the Sweatbox in the fall of 2012 when he moved from NYC to Seattle.  “The Sweatbox has just become a second home for me.  It has offered me a safe space where I can practice my daily yoga and feel part of the local community.”  After 8 years of yoga practice, Justin attended a hatha yoga training here in Seattle and he is looking forward to sharing this healing practice with our Sweatbox community.