Maureen began her practice over a decade ago.  She remembers it being both the most difficult, and the best thing she had ever done.  Not only for her physical heath, but right away she felt a difference in her emotional wellness.  Through her years of practice she continues to be in awe at how much yoga has been a gift in her life, a tool for self-reflection and realization.  She knew in the back of her mind that one day she would be able to share this, and become a teacher.   In 2009 she attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and has been teaching in the Seattle area, and Australia ever since.  In 2015 she became certified to teach Yin Yoga, which has expanded her knowledge of the body and philosophy of the practice of yoga in general.  Maureen has competed in the Washington State Yoga Asana Championships, helped train yoga competitors, and has attended many workshops with the most senior teachers of the Ghosh lineage.

Maureen also enjoys backpacking in the summer, taking care of her elderly cat, and attends Vipassana meditation courses once a year.