"Yoga has deeply influenced how I live my life. This magical practice has been my constant, my friend, my rock, my connection to what's clear and awake. Being human can be uncomfortable and having yoga on my side has been a blessing. This practice has seen me through many life's experiences for 14 years and I consider it a lifetime practice."

Natalia's background is in Hatha,Vinyasa and Ashtanga practice and she believes in the transformational, healing power of all yoga. Natalia has been a student of Bikram practice for 2 years now and have grown to appreciate this fierce, diligent ,mind and body challenging practice. "Bikram pauses my overactive brain and fortifies my mind like no other practice."

Natalia draws inspiration from all of her practices and especially appreciates the creative freedom of vinyasa.  Natalia offers a practice with an intelligently constructed sequence that is mindful, alignment-focused and challenging, yet clear and accessible.

Natalia has been teaching for 8 years after completing teacher training at Yogalife, now OMculture. Since that time, Natalia has practiced as many yoga intensives and workshops as she can, believing that all students and teachers can offer inspiration. When Natalia is not teaching or practicing, she spends time with my friends and loved ones and is inspired by film, nature,  and travel. Originally from Bratislava, Slovakia, Natalia moved to Seattle via Canada and fell in love with Seattle though she has never gotten used to the rain.