An Ode to My People

My little village is comprised of two As, one D, two Es, one F, a J, three Ks, 2 Ms, 2 Ps, Rs, Ss and one Z.

Aimée is an actor and you can definitely tell. Her classes are dramatic and creative as hell.

Alyssa is wise, well beyond her young years. Her knowledge of anatomy makes postures so clear.

Dana's teaching is crisp, precise and merry.  Every Saturday she comes to teach us by ferry.

Emily is fierce is the kindest of ways. She challenges us to open our hearts every day.

Erika is our unique Jivamukti teacher. She learned in Berlin and captivates like a preacher.

Frani, dear Frani is the rock of our village. She's the calm in the storm. Having her by my side is a privilege.

Janet is soft-spoken and peaceful and kind. But she teaches some burners that will challenge and bind.

Katy the singer has a big open heart. Her class is consistent and challenging and smart.

Keely, though often is flying the skies, we love to see her and her sparkling bright eyes.

Kelly has shown me a broader perspective, a way to bring yoga to people who are often neglected.

Mary, sweet Mary has the most contagious smile. She'll teach you everything you need to know about a healthy lifestyle.

Meghan! Yay, you're coming back. One of our original, I welcome you home to this place. I've missed your gentle voice and your beautiful face.

Parvanah, the name says it all, a beautiful butterfly answering her call. 

Penni, you go girl, making us work in that room. Your passion and fire help all of us bloom.

Rachael, my sage, my guide, my advisor. You happened upon me and I am so very much wiser!

Reva, our baby, in all the best ways. You work and you work and I can see the change every day.

Seth, our lone hombre, I appreciate you dearly. You're thoughtful and open and wonderfully cheery.

Sunny, the fierce one, a strong, invigorating energy. You bring to us knowledge that's so complimentary.

Zahr, the last Z, the one I rarely see. It doesn't mean you aren't special to me.  

My village of letters, you are so very much more. You are the people I love and cherish and adore. 

Your presence in the world, brings goodness to all who you touch. I am grateful to you and love you so much!

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