Great class - perfect way to start the day! I am a beginner but the teacher made me feel welcome. Seemed like a class that could be modified for all levels.

This studio is the only Traditional Hot studio I've been to that has escaped the tendency towards a competitive vibe and harsh teachers! If you've tried Traditional Hot Yoga before and had a bad experience with a teacher who was demeaning or pressuring, try The SweatBox. There's a real community vibe and most teachers are relaxed and accommodating! You feel like pushing yourself without being pressured.

Get ready to sweat. This place place is so wonderful for getting your body stretched out and strong. The teachers are excellent at their craft and it's fun to chat before and after class. All fingers, toes, and thumbs up.

We stopped by here on our recent trip to Seattle. It is a beautiful Zen-like studio with great energy from both students and the teacher. The studio is equipped with bamboo-like floor. Due to our travel schedule, we rushed in without enough cash. The teacher of the time welcomed us and provided mats and towels. Highly recommended. Namaste🙏

It's a great place. There is a kindness about the place and instructors are very talented. Highly recommend.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Bikram yoga, but Sweatbox Yoga and its instructors have really helped me fall back into it. I especially enjoy the "Power Hour" class that's basically a condensed version of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises. It has more of a cohesive flow AND you still sweat bricks, plus you're done with your yoga session much sooner! Definitely give it a try!