Love Wins

Dear Students,

Today I write to you with a simple message. No promotions, no big news, no special classes, just a message: Love wins. With every presidential election, there is change and upheaval. As a country, and as individuals, we'll all be riding this wave for the next few years. There might be moments that feel rocky, scary, out of control. 

Over the last few days, I have seen many sad faces, heart-broken bodies, frightened souls walk through the studio doors. Each time, I want to reach out and tell them not to worry, that it's going to be okay. I cannot predict the future of the country, the world. No one can. But I can (and will) continue to influence the space that we've built over the last fifteen years and here's what I know. The SweatBox is your community. We believe in love. Every teacher who teaches here will tell you that yoga has brought them peace and opened their hearts. In every class, we share that love and open-heartedness-- to everyone.

The SweatBox has always been and will continue to be a loving, accepting, diverse community where everyone is welcome and accepted. We embrace all people. The SweatBox is a sanctuary of love and light. All are welcome here. Love WINS! Take care of yourselves and each other.


Laura and all of your teachers at The SweatBox

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