Workshops & Special Events

Sun Salutations

with Reva in The SweatBox Loft

Thursday, June 20th 2019 6:00-7:30pm


Let's celebrate Summer Solstice with 108 Sun Salutations!!! As we move through the darker months of the year and into the light, we can set intention. What would you like to invite into your practice? Into your life? In this 90 minute non-heated practice, Reva will lead you through 3 different ways to salute the sun. Vinyasa Style with the Chaturangas, Hot Hybrid Style with those wonderful crouch and curls and, a classic Hatha Style with long low lunges.

As our studio is diverse, so is the way we like to move our bodies. This method provides a nice way to break up the moving meditation and challenge yourself with something new! We will divide the 108 into manageable chunks of 18. Each style will be practiced two times in rotation nice and slow, with the breath. Come set your intentions as we invite the warmer season and celebrate our amazing community at the Sweatbox!!

This class will be in The SweatBox Loft. Pre-registration is required to access the Loft. Please use code 9642.



Outdoor Yoga at Cal Anderson Park

with Reva and michael be

Sunday, July 21st, 10am-11:00am

Just show up and enjoy the amazing duo or Reva and Michael. All are welcome. There is no charge for anyone. No experience necessary. Just bring your awesome self!