Workshops & Special Events

The Foundations to Safe Inversions

This workshop is designed for beginner-intermediate students who want to add inversions into their yoga practice.  Adam will guide you through movements that will stretch and strengthen your wrists and shoulders, preparing you to move SAFELY from arm balances and headstands to forearm balances and handstands. Within the 2 hour class, you may not have completed a handstand, but you will leave with the tools and framework to get one with continued practice. Anyone interested in ongoing inversion work can meet with Adam for 20 minutes after each Ghosh 75 class, Fridays at 7pm.

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Busted Breathwork

In this two-hour workshop, Josephine Edmondson will guide you in a specific circular breathwork technique that will motivate trapped energy to move out of you. This breathwork releases stuck emotions that are blocking you from reaching your fullest expression of self. Emma High will be spinning her turntable music magic, allowing you to swirl into the ultimate soundscape abyss.

As an extra treat, we are collaborating with Kelsey Malone of Busted Ceramics, each guest will receive one of her magic ceramic candles.

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