Alexis first came to yoga in 2016 practicing the Traditional Hot Series. She quickly noticed that yoga was different than other movement practices she had tried and appreciated yoga as a practice of embodiment. Her interest grew in the practice of Vinyasa yoga, flowing breath to movement. She started to listen and learn from her instructors not only about the practice of yoga on the mat, but also off the mat. She became interested in how to incorporate the practice of yoga, embodiment, and presence into her daily life. Her study began with reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, explaining the path of Raja yoga. Alexis was inspired and soon after she took her first teacher training. She studied the holistic practice of yoga, as she did a Vinyasa teacher training & Yin Yoga teacher training in both styles. Alexis' study of yoga has grown from Vinyasa, to Yin Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. Alexis believes that the physical practice of yoga is only a portion of what the classic, 8 limb path of yoga has to offer. In her teaching she strives to incorporate her holistic study, encouraging students to turn toward themselves and their experiences on and off the mat with curiosity and kindness.