Reva found yoga through an assignment in massage school.  For this self-care project, she was asked try something healing that she’d never done before.  That’s when she found herself here at The SweatBox for her first ever yoga class in 2012.  Reva fell in love with the 90-minute Bikram class at first breath! She loved how the practice made her feel both powerful and peaceful; how it brought a sense of presence that she had never experienced before.

Bikram practice was Reva's first love, one that sparked a curiousity that led her to expand her practice and explore other styles of yoga. She really loved the flow of Vinyasa and started to take her practice very seriously.  Her first big plunge to deepen her practice came with the completion of a 200 hour Power Vinyasa teacher training in 2015.  Her journey continued and she completed her second 200 hour teacher training in Bali learning Hatha Yoga and the philosophy of this sacred practice.

Reva loves being able to share her love for her practice with her students. She believes that all styles of yoga are beneficial.  Doing something you aren't used to can provide the challenge needed for growth.  She brings a well-rounded and creative approach to her teaching, offering dynamic classes that are sure to energize and inspire!